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My Plumbing Rooter is a professional plumbing company in Garden Grove. We serve the entire Garden Grove Area and the surrounding cities as well. No matter what your problem might be, just one call and we are there for you!


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My Plumbing Rooter is a trusted name in the field of plumbing services in Garden Grove. We offer a wide range of services that meets all your plumbing and related needs. We understand that dealing with all these tasks could be a lot of hassles. By offering you our expertise, we take care of all the hassles so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Efficiency is delivered only when you have skilled manpower. We are proud of having a team whose experience, skills and dedication are unmatched in the industry. No matter how critical the challenge might be, we are always up for it.  We are known for our emergency response. Emergencies happen without dropping a warning. Whenever you encounter such an issue, just give us a call and our experts would be there, without wasting any time.

My Plumbing Rooter also looks after your budget. We charge the most affordable rates for all the services that we offer. Be it garbage disposal in Garden Grove, cleaning your main sewer line, or changing a leaky faucet, you can always rely on us for getting the best plumbing in Garden Grove at the best prices.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Services

Garbage Disposal Repair

We offer the easiest, the most efficient and the most environmentally friendly way  for garbage disposal.

Toilet Repairing

Is your toilet giving you all sorts of issues? We offer the most effective toilet repairing service in Garden Grove.

Emergency Plumbing

No matter what the issue is, we offer you perfect solutions for emergency plumbing in Garden Grove for quick resolution.

Leak Repair Service

Nobody likes a leaky toilet. We would help you repair all the leaks in your bathroom and plumbing with ease.

Gas Pipe Repair

Faults in your piped gas lines can be potentially dangerous. We offer a safe and effective way to deal with them.

Water Heater Repair

Want to get the desired level of performance from your water heater. Our team is experienced in heater installation and repair.

Flood Protection

My Plumbing Rooter offer innovative flood protection in Garden Grove that protects your home from damage.

Commercial Plumbing

We also offer our value for money services for commercial establishments as well. We solve all kinds of issues.

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Our services have consistently received high ratings from review sites as well as industry bodies. More importantly, our customers trust us with their plumbing. Getting those high ratings have been easy for us as we have always endeavored to satisfy our clients to the fullest. We have the skills, the dedication and our prices are also one of the most affordable in the industry. This keeps our customers happy and in their happiness is our success.

Why Choose Us?

So, why should you hire our services? Well, the reasons are aplenty. Plumbing is something that should be done with a great deal of professionalism, or else you would have to face the consequences. At My Plumbing Rooter, we offer you that professionalism.

We also offer a great deal of transparency. The quote that we give you will contain the minutest details without being exhaustive for you. We would go to great lengths to finish the project on time.

Some of our advantages are

  • The widest range of services
  • The most affordable prices
  • On-time completion


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